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Great resource! Achieving Facts Fluency (Math in Focus/Singapore)


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Has anyone used this Math in Focus resource? It looks pretty awesome!


I've been reading it online (you can view it in full at the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt MiF virtual sampling site) but I just purchased the "California Math: Achieving Facts Fluency" (from Amazon) which appears to be basically the same thing. I hope. ;)


Anyway, it covers addition/subtraction/multiplication/division. There are hands-on workshops that teach different techniques, as well as worksheets to use. I had planned on using Two Plus Two is Not Five with my oldest, to work on facts, but I think I much prefer the layout of this book. It seems to teach some of the same "tricks" ... but with manipulatives (there are worksheets included in the back).


Anyone use it?

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Just to update:

I received the California Math version and it is quite similar to what Math in Focus has, which I've been viewing online. (And it was only a few dollars -- for that price, I'm buying a 2nd so they can just write on the blacklines instead of having to make copies!)


The content looks identical, the set-up of the book is slightly different. What I viewed online from the MiF book has all the hands-on workshops at the front of the book, all blacklines and worksheets at the back. The California version has Addition workshops, then addition worksheets. Then subtraction, multiplication, etc., and templates (10s frames, spinners) at the back.


Anyway, my summer math plan for oldest DD is facts fluency! Many of the workshops are fun, manipulatives-based. I'll be continuing our use of these, plus math games, over the summer. Just wanted to throw this out to anyone who might be looking for math facts practice ideas!

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