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Questions about myhomeschoolmathclass. Can you help?

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Hey, All!


Jann in Tx is traveling so I can't ask her my questions but I have seen that several of you have had kiddos in her math classes. I'd really like to know a couple of things and would so appreciate it if you could field a couple of questions.


Her site says this: Instructor presents lesson, assigns homework and grades tests. No mention here of instructor grading the homework. I grade the homework? I'm worried about doing that for geometry. Proofs can be different but still correct . . . how does that work?


The Honors option will add approximately 1 hour of EXTRA work per week. I just cannot tolerate busywork. really. I need to know if this is an extra hour of work per week so we can call it honors or is this some new/challenging material that will add depth or breadth to her understanding or encourage her to understand the material in new or different ways?


big ears a'listenin'!

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My ds graded his homework also. The proofs start out by filling in a blank here and there before they actually do a full proof... so that helps also. He did not seem to have any problems with it. There were a lot of worksheets that were assigned in addition to the textbook work though... for my unorganized ds he seemed to manage... I however really didn't like all the loose papers... but that's me and his poor organization skills.

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