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Which books for MIF(Math in Focus) Year 1?

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Awesome, thank you ladies! One more question. There seem to be a lot of pages in the books. Do you have trouble finishing them each year? How many pages do you have to do each day? Especially if you were to supplement with another program, like Miquon...


In the student textbook it tells you where to stop and do the worksheets that go with the lesson. Usually we go through the student textbook (working the practice problems and reading through the examples) until we reach one of those, then dd does the worksheets on her own later that day as review.


Sometimes the instruction section of the textbook is really long so I'll split it into two days of instruction, then finish up the next day and do the worksheets. On the flip side, my dd is naturally really good at time, money, and measurements so when we hit those sections we will do two days worth of work after I just hit the high points. We race through those chapters usually doing the entire chapter in 2 or 3 days.


I also supplement with another program (Beast Academy for my 3rd grader and Miquon for my K'er). Usually we do a chapter in MIF and when it's finished we do a chapter in Beast Academy. For my K'er I rotate it more day by day (a couple of days of Singapore Essentials, then a couple days of Miquon Orange). I'm not sure how I'm going to work Miquon and MIF next year. I'll figure that out a little later this summer.



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