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where do you go when you need to get out of the house alone?


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If I have to get our "right now", I go for a walk. Even 20 minutes of walking and prayer time can help me adjust a bad attitude. I don't have littles anymore so I'm able to just tell the boys I'm leaving. When I did have littles, I worked hard to make sure they all took naps or "rested" at the same time and I had 2-3 hours to myself for whatever I wanted to do. I shop (grocery, Target, ect.) all by myself on Saturday mornings. Dh stays home and does yardwork and the boys stay with him.

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Option 1 - kick everyone out of the living room (we have a family room so they don't have to be in the same place I am at the same time) and practice Chopin or Debussey for a couple of hours. Always a good option.


Option 2 - drive to Barnes and Nobles, get a Latte, sit with a National Geographic Traveler magazine and dream of far off places. This works quite well too.


Option 3 - if it is late June, down Blueberry Trail to pick wild strawberries, July, wild blueberries, and August, blackberries. In the winter, in the autumn to watch the birds migrate, and in the winter...well, if it's not too cold, a little hiking.


Option 4 - go into the sewing room and work on a quilt. The family may come to ask a question or something, but generally, they do not interrupt much while I'm working.


Of course, it's easier for me now that I don't have little ones. The oldest just married and the youngest is 13. They all read my face quite well and have a general idea when mom might be needing some down time.




I am so happy in my sewing room and mine "mostly" leave me alone while I am working. I try to find time for my quilting projects everyday, even if it's only the 30 minutes before everyone wakes up. It's also easier for me now to leave by myself with my oldest babysitting so the grocery store can be a nice quiet trip out.

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1. Long walk

2. Serious hard exercise


I used to spend time with Ben and Jerry. They try to be nice friends, but I realized I was having more trouble in a continuing relationship with them.



Yeah, for a long time I liked to go to a gourmet market and eat a slice of cake. I'd sit in my car and listen to talk radio. I'd tell myself it was okay since the cakes were soooo small. How could something so petite and pretty be bad for me? Especially when it made me feel so good??!!


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