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Help with K12 American Odyssey

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I'm interested in doing American Odyssey with my 8th grader next year. Does anyone know of any lesson plans, student guides, tests, or anything to go with it?


She read Human Odyssey this past year and I just had her outline the reading, which went well, but I didn't access what she remembered.


I'm also considering Tindall's America: Narrative History with the UCCP course online. I'm afraid that it would be overwhelming for an 8th grader. Any thoughts?

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I will be using American Odyssey with my eighth grader next year (she used the three Human Odyssey books the past three years). There aren't any of the teacher and student books, like those for the HO books, to go along with American Odyssey.


With 41 chapters in the book, she'll read at a rate of 3-4 school days per chapter. We will take longer on some topics like the colonial period and the Civil War as I've planned on overnight field trips. Other topics she'll go quickly through like the Depression, WW2, the Cold War and Vietnam as we spent a long time on those this year.


I will preread the book over the weekend so that we can have good discussions.


She'll take notes or outline. I'm not stuck on strict outlining; I'd rather she start developing the system that works best for her in the long run. As for writing, she will write weekly a free-response prompt from old AP USHistory exams, though untimed and using her notes. I might throw in one of the Document Based Questions each month.


I don't feel the need to test her in history at this stage. Stepping up the writing this year will be good enough.

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For volumes 1 and 2 I bought them used on Amazon. I don't think versions were made for volume 3, but I didn't go looking for those as we didn't use the ones I bought for volume 2!


You need to search for "Intermediate World History A" for volume 1 and "Intermediate World History B" for volume 2. There are "Student Pages" and a "Teacher Guide" for each. All are paperback.

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Thanks Luckymama,

Where did you get the teacher and student books that go with the Human Odyssey books?




I just bought them on Amazon. I did a search for K12 Intermediate World History A and K12 Intermediate World History B (they don't say Human Odyssey anywhere). There are Teacher and Student pages for each.


I didn't end up finding the A books (for HO vol. 1) useful (they seemed scattered with too much busywork), but I recently took another look at the B books (for HO vol. 2), and I'm actually finding them quite useful - enough so that I'm quite a bit bummed to be losing them for the third volume of HO (there aren't any notes to buy for the 'high school' level books). I'm even toying with the idea of signing the girl (rising 7th grader) up for K12's lowest level high school courses for the next year or two (that for me would be vol. 3 HO and then American Odyssey). That may then be overkill... sigh.

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