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How do you use Saxon Math?

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I just ordered a set with the Teacher CD's. I see it comes with 3 books. Which book do the children actually write in, or do they write on their own paper? Thanks very much. :)

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Well, I've only started it with my dd a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not an expert, but I'll try to answer. We are using 8/7 and there is a book for timed drills, which you write directly in. This book also contains all the tests and materials for what they call "Learning Investigations". There are also forms in the back of the book for recording your scores and there is a master form you can copy to have your child do their work on. So far, we've just been using notebook paper.


So, we start with the speed drill and record the results. Then we do the mental math and a problem-solving section orally, though sometimes my dd uses scratch paper for the problem solving. Then, we watch our DVD lesson (Art Reed). After that, I skim through the lesson in the book with my dd, and have her answer some of the example problems. She then does the lesson practice. All this takes about 30 minutes. After that, we've started taking a break and doing something else for awhile. Then, when she's ready, my dd does the 30 mixed practice problems. I want to say this may be taking her an hour. Hopefully, that will speed up as she gets used to writing out all the problems. I check her work as soon as she is done, she corrects it, and we're finished.


She's due to take her first test tomorrow. I'm not sure if we're supposed to do a lesson or the lesson investigation on the same day as the test, but I hope not. I'm searching the boards now to see how people handle that and that's how I came across your post.

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