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Kinetic Conceptual Physics Solutions Guide

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Hello All

I am considering using either Hewitt's Conceptual Physics or Kinetic Books Conceptual Physics. I contacted Perfection Learning and was told it is their policy not to supply homeschoolers with the Solution Guide that goes with the Kinetic course. Has that been the experience of others? How do you get by without the solutions? Are the solutions included in the interactive text? They said that their products are not appropriate for homeschool use. I see that they have a homeschool page to their website but it only offers their math texts.


Thank you for any information or experience you can share.

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I loved Algebra I and Algebra II from Kinetic Books, but I didn't like the layout of their physics courses when I looked at the samples. I do know that you can get the solution manual if you buy the program through Kolbe, but I'm not sure they have the conceptual level course.


I used Hewitt's Conceptual Physics this past year. It is a good text, but you need to work through all the problems to make sure that he taught how to do that problem in the text. Sometimes he puts problems in the text that he only gives examples for in the problem-solving workbook. There are still plenty of problems to work if you skip those. The teacher edition does work out all the problems in the margins, so you will have that available.

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