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Ellie, Does This Look Good?

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I'm getting over my lazy self and buying my Spalding supplies. Does this look adequate for teaching my rising 7th grader? My focus is spelling, not reading or writing. Have you seen the video? I'll skip it if it doesn't show the shape of the mouth when pronouncing the sounds. Also, should I stick with the current edition or go with the beloved 4th edition?


THANKS so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phonogram Cards - Individual

Phonogram Sounds DVD

Phonogram Sounds CD - 87

Spalding Word Analysis CD

Spelling Assessment Manual

Word Builder Cards

The Writing Road to Reading

Intermediate Spelling/Vocab


ETA: hopefully this is easier to read.

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Obviously I'm not Ellie, but I'll bump this up for you. I think you'd be fine with just WRTR, cards, and the spelling assessment manual. For that matter, a 7th grader could just point to the phonogram cards in the 4th edition of WRTR rather than needing flashcards.


There's a pronunciation video on YouTube, though it doesn't show the mouth shape.

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