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Easy Classical?


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Anyone have a good experience with this curriculum? I'm leaning towards it this year. Something neat and packaged. I do love Sonlight but I'm looking for something a bit more Classical. Another thing, I don't see any scheduled readers. Is that something that I would need to add to it? Thanks you!

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We used this all through elementary and I LOVED it!  Neat and definitely packaged, and so much cheaper than Sonlight!!!  We used the History and the Writing combo and worked great.  We also correlated Veritas Press along side of it and it worked pretty well.  In the guide you have for the history schedule it schedules all of your read aloud's and history reading that your child reads on their own.  I used her guide pretty much all the way through 5th grade however I did add some Literature to the curriculum and I used Veritas Press literature choices and used either their Lit guides or did another Lit guide.  Let me know if you have any other questions!

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We just finished Easy Classical's Kindergarten program today and I've already purchased the first grade schedule.

Six Reasons I Love It

1. It uses the curriculum I would have chosen anyway (Shurley Grammer, Saxon, Story of the World, Apologia)

2. It arranges all that curriculum into an easy to follow daily schedule, breaking it up so it fits into a 36 week school year.

3. It was easy to leave out the curriculum I didn't want to use and supplement with ones I did. 

4. It provided little extras like memory, weather, and narration worksheets as well as giving shopping and library lists for the following weeks lessons

5. It is very affordable and uses resources that are easily found in the library and homeschool swaps

6. It has music,copywork, geography, and writing exercises that correspond with that year's history sequence


I've always planned to begin Veritas Press in second grade, but have decided now to stick with Easy Classical through sixth grade, just supplementing from Veritas Press where I want to (there is a ton of overlap). 

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