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I was surprised to learn that you can cook pumpkin leaves. I pulled up the recipe for pumpkin leaves in peanut butter sauce, and it looks similar to a recipe I already make with green beans or broccoli in a peanut sauce over rice. My kids are pretty brave eaters, so I think I'll try it with pumpkin leaves next time.


I have no idea how to prepare an iguana, or even where to find one. :lol:

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Loved the whole iguana spread out with the rest of the ingredients---cooking that is NOT in my skill-set :lol:


Yes, the iguana really stood out. Oy.


I hate to contribute to stereotypes here about Chinese eating everything but I once had a Chinese cookbook (as in literally from China) which had a picture of a soup with some chopped parts which I couldn't identify. I flipped over to the ingredient list and it was a lizard. It had blue and orange spots too. :svengo:

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