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how do I find a thread


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that I started, but it appears to have never existed? I can't find it on my content page, I can't find it by doing a search using key words....and I need to have it becasue there was some information on it that I needed to reference. Can anybody here help me?


The thread was about my Kindle Fire and my amazon prime account. I bought my kindle using a different email, changed my email and now I want to change my kindle over to my new email, but according to Amazon, I can't do that without losing all of my apps and other things. Someone on here gave me instructions as to what to do...and now I can't find them.


i hope someone can help me...or I guess I can start the thread again...

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The forums have been glitchy like that for a few weeks. I've had times where a thread I know I posted on (several times) wasn't in my content and didn't come up in a search. I had to scroll through the forum to find it. When I go to find the thread again later, it is magically back.


I asked about this on one thread that likes to disappear (the tackle threads) and others have noticed the same problem with various threads. So, if something disappears, you might have to scroll through to find it or wait and try again later or ask someone else for help finding it because it might not have disappeared for them.

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