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Please point me to where SWB said this..."SWB said if WWS 1-3 is completed, the student will be prepared for 90% of college level writing. "

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Found this in the 1st post from the thread Answering questions about Writing With Skill


"Although this is labelled "Level 1," it is valuable as pre-rhetoric for any student who is not prepared to go directly into the rhetoric studies outlined in TWTM. Finishing the four levels of WWS will actually prepare most students to go into basic-level college composition."

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I don't know if the quote is correct. I read a statement she posted that said that a student who completes three levels of WWS would be as well prepared for writing in college as 90% of the students. I can't give you a link for that statement, but I do believe that is what she meant by the 90%.

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Here are 2 more quotes from the thread I linked above.


post #138

“While it would be ideal for students to have done two or more years of persuasive writing before entering college, I can tell you from experience that most of them haven't, and don't....and that your daughter will be as well-prepared as 90% of her class, and better-prepared than 60%.â€


post #271

“Ideally (and take "ideally" literally--this is in a perfect world), a student would finish WWS by the end of eighth grade and have a full four years to study rhetoric. However, as a college composition teacher I can tell you that if one of my freshmen came into that first college composition class having ONLY completed the WWS core levels 1-3, that student would be perfectly well prepared to do freshman comp. Not knocking my socks off with brilliance, but completely capable of fulfilling the course requirements.â€

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