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silly detail question

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I feel lucky that my kids are all the same age so generally they will be doing the same thing. So we're doing some summer workbooks and a few little other things until we start homeschooling in the fall. I just wondered... what do you do when one or two gets done with what you're working on faster than another? It's easier for ME to keep us all at the same pace so I don't have to go over the directions of the next page 2 or 3 different times, but what should the faster workers do while waiting for the others to catch up?

Just wondered if anyone had some good tips. Thanks!

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Your triplets are almost 7? Do they readindependently?


If they can read and the instructions in the workbooks are clear, they can handle it- maybe highlight 'actual instructions" like "underline the noun" or things like that embedded in a cahtty lesson/directions paragraph.


Or, go over the instructions for ALL pages with ALL kids before they start anything, and let them work until they're finished.

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