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Odor help


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A couple of years ago, because of some foundation issues with our house, DH and I paid to have our entire crawl space sealed. It is nicely lined with plastic, and is clean. There really isn't much down there - pots not currently in use, a wheel barrow, a bag of pebbles. That's about it. It was terrible expensive, but we needed to do it, according to the engineer and several other trusted professionals.


Every since we sealed it, there is a bad odor that comes up when the AC is on. The odor is not there when the heat is on. I had an AC guy come and he thought my ducts are fine and said that when you seal a crawl space, the musty damp smell isn't getting circulated outside, so that's why we smell it through the AC system.


Any ideas what I can do about this? I don't really want to mask the smell with new smells. I would like to neutralize it or .... something. I just don't want to smell that basement/crawl space smell when I walk into my house!

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