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Anyone GF and have problems visiting other homes?

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I would like to give away 5 handbooks I have made that you can give to a host before you go to stay at their house for a just a dinner or a week.


My husband was diagnosed with a mental illness and I found out it was due to gluten. He's been gluten free for 2 years, and is now free from the mental illness. I have had a hard time describing how to cook gluten free to relatives and finally decided to make a 20+ page handbook. It teaches how to use recipes for each meal you already use and make them GF.


If this really interests you please let me know and I can email you a pdf version of the handbook. I think it would be very helpful for anyone that's been in my situation.


Thank you!


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We are gluten free, have been for over 9 years. I do not bother to try to educate others how to cook for us. I usually just take a pot of my own and let them know that we will need to have access to their kitchen. This is for the times we have to stay several days.


If it is just for dinner, we bring our own food. Or we invite friends to our house.


I do not trust other kitchens to not cross contaminate our food. A colander used for glutenous pasta would be nearly impossible to clean well enough. A wooden cutting board has been the source of contamination for us. And now, so many foods are labeled gluten free and still have oats or other grains that are not tolerated. It is just too difficult.

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Would this be a good book to take to grandma's house that would briefly explain to the nana who thinks a slice of bread isn't going to hurt her dear little grandson who is now gf due to sensitivity not allergy? I swear I have to start all over with my ds every time we go there. Seriously she gave my ds a pies of cake last time we were over there because it's not bread right. And a cookie the time before that, because one little cookie won't hurt.

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Yes, that's what it's for. I also give normal recipes that can be made GF easily and ideas of naturally GF meals. It is not a cookbook. It's a very short education on gluten with ideas for each meal and snacks. One time early in our GF days my mom didn't know what to cook so she made a huge spiral ham and my husband ate that for 4 days. She had no idea what to do. It's 20+ pages. It can be printed or electronically sent. I plan to mail these ahead of time when we go for extended visits.

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