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Where to buy probiotics?

Just Kate

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I get these ones from Kirkman labs (not to be confused with Kirkland).


You need to check that it is a reputable company that doesn't add a lot of fillers etc...


Remember to keep them in the fridge.


Kirkman labs has a really good reputation, so I get most everything there.

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What are you wanting to achieve by taking a probiotic? There are lots of strains, and they serve different purposes. For IBS type symptoms I think Align is the way to go, and it can be purchased just about anywhere (Target, Walmart, any drugstore, some grocery stores).

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I buy the vitacost brand at vitacost.com. I"ve taken it for about 12 years now and absolutely love it.


Years ago, when my second daughter was born I started realizing that I had a major yeast issue. It was bad. I bought the strongest level of vitacost brand probiotics and after a while, and taking a lot of them, I am now to the point where I don't get yeast infections anymore.


Recently I ended up on keflex (antibiotic) and then doxycycline (another antiobiotic) and with just a few days of probioitcs didn't have any yeast issues. Ten years ago, I would have been a mess.


As you can see I love this product -- and several others by vitacost.

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