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DD14 Spacers on Thursday, Braces next week....what do I need to know ahead of time


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I have already told her to eat up everything she knows she can't have (her friends have had braces so she knows the list from them).


Any other BTDT as we get started? She will have them for 12-18mths. Will not have head gear or pallet expanders but will have coil springs at some point in her therapy. Dr says she has some minor crowding, but a good shaped jaw and plenty of room to accommodate the changes needed. The main issue is that she has 100% overbite and her front teeth push backward.

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Stock up on ibuprofen and Carnation instant breakfast. Yogurt is good, too.


Some kids are more sensitive than others - one of mine experiences a lot of pain with adjustments, one never complained, and another falls somewhere in the middle of discomfort levels.


A water pik is a good investment.


Be sure to have wax on hand for covering pokey ends.


I also was very straightforward with my kids about cost and responsibility. I want them to know I am happy to provide orthodontics for them, but that it is an investment that I hope they take seriously. I expected stellar reports from dentist and orthodontist regarding cleanliness/compliance. One time my son was in the office in a chair next to kid who was there to get a replacement retainer for the one he'd broken - his ELEVENTH retainer! My kids understand that they can't be *that* kid.





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Have ibuprofen and tylinol on hand. Give her a dose before her appointment to get the spacers and the braces on. My DD13 was somewhat uncomfortable for the spacers and really uncomfortable for the braces. She had trouble eating (biting down) for a few days after getting braces, so have soft foods planned for a few days after she gets the braces.


She finds the adjustments only a little uncomfortable and usually doesn't need anything for them.


Her ortho clips the wires well enough that she's never needed the wax; hopefully yours does as well.


I bought Sonicare toothbrushes for the whole family, in part because DD's teeth attract plaque horribly. Just an hour or two after brushing, her teeth look like they haven't been brushed in a week. She won't use the Sonicare, though; she doesn't like the vibrations. :glare: But they clean really well so if yours will use one, I think it is helpful. I fear her teeth will be messed up after the braces because of her teeth's attraction to plaque and the fact that DD will have braces for 2 to 2 1/2 years.

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Have some painkillers on hand for the first couple of days; make sure you have the makings for smoothies, scrambled egg, etc. because chewing is hard in the first couple of days; make sure they give you putty to put on any sharp corners if there is rubbing on the lips.


I brush my sons' teeth when they have braces - it's just so hard for them to get into corners.


Good luck



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