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Study: Computers at Home may not bridge the achievement gap

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No amount of technology can overcome an educationally-disinterested home. Nurture their curiosity from birth, engage their minds and bodies in worthwhile activities and who cares if they have a computer.


This... Well written Wendy! OP: I did not read the article you linked to, but the title of your thread says a lot... Anyone who thought that has a lot to learn, IMHO.


Last October, we bought a USD$500 PC for DD. The PC is not the reason she got a 97 for her Science course for the semester. The PC and the Internet certainly puts information at her fingertips and makes it easier for her to learn. But she has her head in her textbooks, a lot...


A USD$5000 PC, in the hands of someone who is not interested in learning, will not help their learning.


K12 (and probably Connections Academy) are making a lot of $, from the states that pay them to provide schooling, and they ship a lot of PCs, but if those students don't want to learn... You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...

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Computers are such a new thing, and we are enamored with new things, aren't we? It's amazing that we can be so connected with so many people and ideas at the touch of a button, from anywhere on the globe. Yet think of all the well-educated people who lived before the 90's when home computers became popular. I think the printing press had a much more profound influence on education than computers have. Call me old-fashioned...I still am glad for my computer and consider it a handy tool.


Has anyone read The Dumbest Generation? The author's main point is that computers have not helped kids growing up today to be well-educated. They are more likely to use it for Facebook and pop culture and blogging, than for serious study.

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