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Starting FLL or WWE with older student


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I don't have a kid that old but if you think she is generally strong, I'd have her do the test for WWE3. You might have to back up a bit but I'd imagine a strong 5th grader could pick up any missing earlier skills very quickly and you'd probably find that, after a year, you'd be ready for WWS in grade 6 which many parents here see as the ideal starting age for that program.


Are you thinking of also using FLL with her? I haven't seen FLL 4 but I think 3 and 4 both start with plenty of review so you could probably do level 4. But someone might have a better suggestion for a grade 5 grammar program.

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I started my 10 yo, 4th grader (started K late) on WWE 3 this past January. While she could do the final assessment for WWE 2, she had trouble with the one for WWE 3, and since I didn't want to rush things, we started at the beginning. We're halfway through the book now, and plan to finish it up in the fall - as an 11 yo 5th grader. For the spring semester next year, I'm thinking we'll do WWE 4 with ONLY the narrations, as I've read on the boards here that the dictations are long and frustrating for many kids to do. And as my kid is already easily frustrated by the dictations that may be what works best for us. Doing only half of the assignments would then put us on track to start WWS at the beginning of 6th grade.


So, yes; do-able and worthwhile. :001_smile:

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