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Let's Talk Clothes Dryers!


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We're looking to replace our dryer...and possibly both our washer and dryer...and have been looking at all the options. What kinds of washers and dryers do you love?


We're also thinking about long-term plans for our house. Right now we have a full size washer and dryer in a laundry room in our basement. In about 6 - 7 years, we will probably put a tenant in our basement suite (when all the kids have moved out). We have room for a washer and dryer in the pantry on the first floor - next to the kitchen - but it's a much more cramped space. Right now that space is the pantry and a mudroom - it has a door leading to a porch outside. There is a clothesline off the porch.


Currently, we don't use the clothesline at all - it is too much hassle to carry a wet load of laundry up a steep flight of stairs and through the house to get to the line.


When we have tenants, we would still have access to that laundry room, but as we age we might not enjoy those steep steps - especially carrying loads of clothes.


So - do we get full size washer and dryers in the basement?


Do we get a stackable washer/dryer in the pantry?


Do we try one of those combo all-in-one washer dryer thingies (the reviews scare me: half raves, half horror stories)?


Do we put a new dryer downstairs, a new washer upstairs and use the old washer and new dryer as bad-weather backups to the washer and line upstairs?




And if you want to include a link to your appliances that you love, that would really help!

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