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So You Really Want To Learn Latin


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There are two programmes published by Galore Park:


- Latin Prep is designed for ages 10-13 or so, but can be used with older children at a faster pace. It starts from the beginning of Latin. The instruction is explicit, so it is fairly easy for a non-specialist to use. It's a rigorous programme and it's important to make sure that each area of grammar is well learned before moving on. The books are fairly colourful, have some cartoon illustrations and are laced with a dry wit. I don't recommend it for younger children, as the difficulty ramps up fairly fast.


- So You Really Want to Learn Latin is designed for ages 13-16 or so and takes you to the beginning of being able to read classical texts. It also starts from the beginning of Latin, is also rigorous, also has explicit instruction, but moves a bit faster and is more 'business-like'.


- If you want to combine the two series, the publisher recommends doing LP 1, 2, 3 then SY 3 (as review and extension). Some people prefer to interleave the two series for continual review (LP1, SY1, LP2, SY2, etc.)


If you live in the US, the easiest way to get hold of the books is via horriblebooks.com, or direct from the UK with free postage from bookdepository.co.uk


I hope that helps



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Thank you so much! That helps alot. This will be for dd10 and dd13 who have had no exposure. The thing is dd13 does not want to learn Latin. Maybe I will start with the Latin Prep in hopes of enticing her. I see alot of different components to Latin prep. Any idea what I need?

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