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What kind of doc can evaluate for LDs/ADHD?

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Long story short, I've now been on the phone for nearly two hours trying to schedule an appointment to have my youngest evaluated. I got two recommendations from a friend who works for a ped's office. The first recommendation only takes calls for appointments on the first of the month for the following month, and I obviously missed the June call date. The other recommendation, which I finally discovered after an hour and a half of phone calls and hold times, is moving from our local hospital to another hospital, but won't be practicing there until July 1, and then she already has a waiting list she's working from. Every other call I've made has ultimately led to this same hospital/recommendation.


So what other kinds of providers can evaluate for LDs? These recommendations are both child neurologists. Is a psychologist also able to reliably evaluate for these issues? I found two other providers in my network that seem to specialize in education-related testing (one's profile lists psycho-educational testing under her specialties). Would it be a waste of time to see someone like that?


Argh! I had no idea how hard it would be to schedule this considering that we live within 45 minutes of six or seven hospitals, including one very well-known teaching hospital. I can throw a ball and hit a medical office around here! So frustrating...


Thanks for any thoughts you can offer.

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Depending on type of LD suspected, you might try an occupational therapist.

If nothing else, an OT office would likely have a handy list of recommendations.

You might also try private schools in your area. We have two that specialize in learning differences and they test non-students.

We see a neurologist for a movement disorder. There are many specialities within neuro - our doctor is wonderful, but doesn't test for LDs. He is awesome at explaining how the movement disorder impacts learning, but otherwises punts off questions regarding academics.

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Yup, ed psych or neuropsych. Try googling the major cities where you'd like to find one and see if you can get some doctor referral lists to pop up there. That's how I found ours. When I saw his name appearing on numerous referral lists AND on a state board for such and such AND... then I knew I was on the right track.


The run around you're getting sounds kinda weird. Usually they just have a long wait and you sign up and get in line. Not sure why it's turning into such a shark fest where you are. Keep looking. The main thing you're looking for is someone who is known for giving helpful counsel about what to DO once you have the labels. If you walk out with just labels and a bunch of numbers, you're still gonna be frustrated...


PS. Don't forget to come visit us over on the LC/SN board. We don't bite. I know it's kinda like crossing over to the Dark Side for some people or admitting something, but it's ok. You'll like it over there. We're nice. :D

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