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Pen pal for an academically inclined dd13 :)

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I know I should probably have posted this on the Networking board but there doesn't seem to be very much traffic there. I hope that it's OK to post this here. I feel more comfortable on this board anyway. :)


My dd13 is an only and we're in a rural area. She's very academically inclined and we are an agnostic/atheist family - both of which give my dd very little common ground with the local homeschoolers. She's hoping to strike up a correspondence with another homeschooled young teen who shares some of that common ground. :D The WTM forums tend to be swarming with parents who value rigorous academics and who are accepting and tolerant of different religious beliefs so I'm sticking a toe out of my comfort zone and posting a request here. Both dd, dh, and I tend to be fairly introverted and asking about a pen pal online isn't something I would normally do but dd would like to find other young teens to commiserate with. :) (She probably mostly wants to bemoan how mean her mother is by requiring such rigorous course work. ;)) She's very interested in music (plays piano and is learning clarinet and sings in a choir), reading (mostly mythology right now), and is learning to shoot a compound bow. She's thinking about engineering as a possible career choice. She's not a "typical" teen in that she doesn't tend to have much interest in pop culture and I wouldn't call her a "girly-girl" - no interest in clothes or make-up. :)


If anyone has a young teen (either boy or girl) who would like to have a Canadian pen pal :), please feel free to PM me. The correspondence could either be through regular mail or by email. (I was trying to decide which was safer - would email be safer since it doesn't involve a physical address?)


Thanks for reading. :)

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