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Introducing My BIG boy


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Gideon Nathaniel was born on May 28th via c-section. He weighed 9lbs 6oz and was 19 1/2 inches. He looks so little to me, but everyone else thought he looked huge. LOL

I went in on Monday night to begin ripening my cervix and he was born Tuesday night at 6:49p.m. He would not descend and because of my being diabetic and having a higher A1C at the end we decided to not take any chances and I went ahead with the c-section. I'd already prayed that if it was going to be too traumatic for him to be born the other way that God would just stall the labor and give us peace for the c-section. I sat at 8cm for 2 hours and he was just floating away in oblivion for the whole labor, never engaging.

I was surprised at how quickly the c-section went. They made the first incision at 6:42 and he was out at 6:49. They did his Apgar and cleaned him up then brought him over to me. I spent about 15m talking to him then DH went with him to the nursery. 30m later I was back in my room and he was being brought in. It was not bad at all.

Recovery was killing me that first week and a half, but now at 2 weeks I'm feeling a lot better. My blood pressure and iron are still screwed up and I still have a lot of fluid around my ankles. I had so much fluid when I left the hospital that I'd actually gained a pound! I went in having gained 26 pounds and left having gained 27! I was so mad. LOL Now I'm down 30 pounds though so it's all good. Everything is back to normal size except my ankles.

We are all madly in love with this new person though and my OB told me that I am a great candidate for a VBAC if I want one "next" time. :)

PSA: If your diabetic and pregnant check your meters and A1C often. We think my meter messed up because my blood sugars were so great on paper. My A1C at 38w was 6.8 which is way to high for pregnancy and probably why my baby was over 9lbs when my daughter was only 7lbs. Because everything was going so well we did not do an A1C test til the end and by then it was too late to make any corrections. I'm a little sad that I probably could have prevented the c-section by just having more knowledge of what my sugars were doing!


Tried to attach a picture, but could not get it to show up... just take my word for it, he's a handsome fellow! :)

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Congratulations on the birth of Gideon Nathaniel!


He sounds like he's off to a healthy, good start ... as are you, at 30 pounds down after two weeks :)


My ankles were always the slowest to go, too. My older kids loved to see me do "my trick" - poke my ankle, and watch it slow-mo back LOL.

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Congratulations! He does look tiny to me, too!


I gained 5 pounds after oldest Ds was born due to fluid- I cried and cried. Give birth to an 8 pound baby and the assorted yuck that also comes out and...gain 5 pounds?! When it finally went away I marveled at how ,y tiny little ankles could possibly have ever held me up, lol, it was like I'd never seen them before!

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For what it's worth, he wasn't an unusual or unhealthy size. I'm glad you got through the complications ok and have that adorable precious little guy to show for it! (And from the perspective of my "baby" being an active toddler, he looks really little to me, too!)

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