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Memoria Press Bible, History and Literature Questions

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Emy will be going into 6th grade in January. She is not a reader at all so I am thinking I should get the literature and start low... maybe with A Door in the Wall. What do you think?


I was also wondering about the Bible. How long does the Bible take to complete each day? I am worried it will be too much. We also need to start catechism.


I was also wondering if I can integrate the Bible with Ancient History, and should I get the Timeline?


TIA for any comments at all. :)

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I am not sure what to recommend for the Lit...MP added A Door in the Wall to the package this year so it wasn't part of the package when we used it; my 5th grader read the other three books this past school year, though, and those were some difficult books! She could read them, but she learned very quickly to buckle down and pay attention to details and look up words she didn't know.


The Bible is meant to be done once per week; they schedule it for 1.5 hours, but my 3rd and 5th graders did it together and it took closer to 30-45 minutes. They took turns reading the selection aloud, then answered the comprehension questions together in the book. Then I discussed it with them. We did not memorize the books of the Bible, the kids have done that in Sunday School.

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