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Forester Pre-Calculus Questions

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I went up to the Trig chapters which I think are the last 3 or 4.


I used the 2nd edition and I think the teacher's materials have changed some. I had a text and solutions manual and instructors guide. In the instructor's guide I liked having the assignment recommendations and the comments on the various worksheets. I really used very few of the worksheets/supplementary materials. If you did all there is it would take 2 years!


I ordered all of it used quite a few years ago. I would lean toward getting the newer edition because there were some errors in the 2nd.


This is the only precalc I have used so I can't compare it. I think mathwithoutborders has DVD's that go with it somehow. There may be recommendations on that site about what to order. I do have a math degree/math teaching background so it is hard for me to know how it would work for someone else. I did work through much of the book myself with my first son. I skipped the easy problems and didn't do all of the problems, but I needed to review it and I needed to learn how to use the graphing calculator.




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