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Great news about DD!


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She earned her Gold Award (the highest award Girl Scouts can earn)!


She actually finished it months ago but received the actual award recently.


The MC of the awards ceremony is a local TV news anchor. She read about all the girls' projects and picked DD to interview for a TV spot. The anchor's mom also has epilepsy so DD's project really grabbed her attention.


For her project, DD gave presentations on epilepsy and the long term monitoring center. She told people about her experience with having epilepsy and how it is diagnosed and treated. She also asked for donations to make activity bags for the patients at the monitoring center. You are basically in bed hooked up to an EEG and videotaped for up to 5 days. It gets pretty boring! And she also taught people how to make decorative notebooks which she put in each activity bag.


She ended up collecting and assembling over 100 bags. She made bags for adults/teens, babies, boys and girls. She put post cards in each bag to get feedback and she got about 15 cards returned with the nicest messages!


So back to the MC/news anchor. She interviewed DD for about 10 minutes and the story ran twice! DD did an awesome job. She was so nervous but she did it. The Anchor asked her how often she had seizures and DD said she had one on the way to the ceremony. THAT was horrible. We were chatting and then DD started making these garble-y sounds and I looked over and she was seizing. We didn't even know if she'd make it to or through the ceremony but I am so glad she did.


So that is DDs great news! If anyone has questions about the Gold Project/Award, DD would be happy to answer!


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The Gold Award alone is a phenomenal accomplishment, but how impressive that it was such a catalyst for epilepsy awareness in your community!


And here, too, I'll admit. I know OF epilepsy, but not too much about it. Your post motivated an online research so I could learn more. Her efforts have definitely stretched far and wide, and I'm glad you shared the details of her project.


Congratulations on her award, and a pat on your back, too, Mama - sounds like you raised an amazing young woman.

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Thank you all for the thanks!


It is an enormous boost for DD. These past 2 years have been so hard on her, healthwise. She was so sick and in and out of the hospital in the months before finishing the project that I look back and I'm incredulous that she was able to finish.


Some of the sweetest things that happened while she was doing her project:


One time, DD gave her talk and afterwards a woman came up to her and told DD that DD inspired her to make activity bags for dialysis patients. The woman's sister is on dialysis and that takes hours of time every week.


When DD was told by her project mentor that DD had to actively involved the community, DD was convinced she'd have a heart attack speaking to people she didn't know and also that no one would be interested.


She didn't have a heart attack and I could see the difference in her confidence from the beginning of the project and the end. DD said the one of the best parts was that so many people helped with donations. It really touched her, and our whole family.


Well, thanks again!

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