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Classical writing format for eulogies

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Would someone familiar with classical writing formats be willing to tell me the parts of a eulogy? If that is part of classical writing? I seem to vaguely remember that it might be one of the formats taught. My husband is trying to write one for a relative and finding it difficult. I thought information about traditional structures might help.




ETA - Of course it might turn out to be something that is more amusing when applied to this relative rather than helpful, but anything that lightens this task would be good.

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Composition in the Classical Tradition -Ch 8 Praising and Blaming - provides an example using the eulogy for Princess Diana.

But in general here is the "Pattern of Arrangement" D'Angelo provides:




of Virtues

of Deeds






ETA: In Diana's eulogy, the narrative is throughout the composition in the form of examples.

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