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SAT2 free score reports - yes or no?


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DD must decide today whether she wants to send the scores of her two subject tests to four colleges for free.

She had the regular SAT scores sent, since those schools want to see all scores anyway.

But what about subject tests? Do you send scores without knowing how they turned out? I assume the requirement to send all scores refers to the reasoning test only, right, not to subject tests?



Oh, and to add another, more general question about score reporting and fees:

is the stated fee what it costs to send the test scores of one particular day to one particular school, or is it what it costs to send all test scores of all test dates to one particular school?



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I have no idea if "all scores" applies to the SAT only or to the SAT-2's as well. Great question! I hope someone has an answer to that!


I never send scores without having seen them first. I figure sending them without having seen them first means that we are sharing data with the college when we have no idea if we actually WANT to share the data. What if the test results somehow got WAY messed up and are not representative of the Kid at all!

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Like Gwen, we always waited till we had the scores in hand before sending them out. The charge for sending a SAT score report to a college includes sending all SAT and SAT Subject testing dates. ACT, on the other hand, charges per test date.


Score choice varies by school, so you need to check into your dd's prospective colleges. Usually, you can withhold SAT subject scores, even if the college requires all SAT scores (Stanford's in this category). However, Yale, for instance, requires all SAT and all SAT subject scores.

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