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Literary studies/analysis for advanced 6th grade reader?


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One part of me likes the idea of just having a reading book from classic authors with questions regarding the excerpt. The other part thinks a whole book should be necessary to truly get it. Does anyone have suggestions for a reading book with classical selections? Or for some other literary analysis? We're Catholic, but it doesn't have to be Catholic, per se.

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Regentrude- I knew that spelling didn't look right! :)


feeling mortified... that's NOT why I italicized the word! I meant to emphasize that excerpts don't work for me, not point out the spelling


So what did you use for analysis when your kiddos were younger? I have previously felt the same way, but I'm exploring other options.


Honestly? We read books and talked about them.


I did not do any formal "analysis" with my kids at that age (not until high school). They were quite good at discovering aspects of it on their own, seeing themes, story arcs, atmosphere, foreshadowing... without anybody pointing out those things.

Both are heavily into creative writing, and I have always felt letting them write their own stories and novels contributed greatly to their understanding of literature.

I always hated picking literature apart and analyzing it to death; so much is obvious, and it destroys the books. I introduce formal lit analysis in high school so they are familiar with the terms and learn to write analysis papers, but up to then, we school very informally and just read large amounts of quality literature.

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I always hated analyzing novels & plays to death in English class. I have decided to confine this type of analysis exercise to short stories and poems, because that's a "one and done" type thing instead of dragging on for weeks. My DD's strongest suit is LA, so I'm using a high school textbook (EMC Masterpieces Language Arts and Literature: World Literature) but if that's too advanced, look into Mosdos.

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