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High School English plans for 11th grade...looking for some ideas :D

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I need to begin this process...because for me, it really is a long process ;) I have to sift, read, re-read, sift some more...chew on the ideas, guage levels of difficulty...and then stew on things for awhile until I can see how the foundational work is progressing.


I have his freshman, sophomore and senior years roughly drawn up:



Grammar, vocabulary, literature overview: Abeka V

Additional literature: Omnibus III Secondary Books

Composition: MCT/Killgallon for High School, one 10 page paper (any subject area) and 15 2-page essays.



Grammar, vocabulary, literature overview: Abeka VI

Additional literature: Omnibus IV Secondary Books (He'll be taking Western Civilization this year -- maybe studying for the AP European history course)

Composition: MCT/Killgallon for High School, one 10 page paper (any subject area) and 15 2-page essays focusing on literary themes, plus 1-5 paragraph essay to a prompt each week (prompt may be in English, history or science)



Vocabulary -- SAT Prep Book

I'm looking for something that focuses on literary analysis. He'll most likely be taking AP-level US History this year, and math/science at the CC (or equivalent)

Composition -- Two 10-page papers (one mid-term, and one a final), and probably one 1-2 pager each week relating to literature he's read/studied. He will probably write to a prompt (5-paragraph essay practice) weekly.


**Looking for something to build this around that may already be in existence ;)



I'm planning on having him write a senior thesis (any subject area of his choosing)...to include a thesis proposal, oral defense presentation, a 15-20 page paper in MLA format, and a final 10-minute oral presentation. I have a pretty good course outline for this already :D He'll still be writing short papers weekly in Government and Economics...most likely his science and math will be at the CC during this time.


So...any thoughts on the 11th grade Literary Analysis aspect? Thanks in advance.

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