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ds14 wrote me a birthday card, and it is awesome


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So Thursday is my birthday, ds14 just spent the weekend at his dad's and came home with a birthday card for me. Well actually it was a thank you card that he used as a birthday card lol


SO the front says "Thank you"


Inside he wrote "for being my mom. Happy birthday mom, you are the best mom ever. I will never steal from you again. I will ask before I take. I will be good unless I have lots of sugar like I had two jumbo pixie sticks today. I love you mom and I will try to make myself your favorite because C isn't right. Love A XOXOXO"


C is dd13 lol


as for the comment about favorites, I tease my kids everytime one of them does something nice for me, or says something sweet that they are my new favorite, by the end of the day all 4 have been my "favorite" at least twice, but lately it has been getting harder and harder to find a moment to say that to ds14 due to behaviours and attitude.


I found this to be a rather amusing card and have reread it many times since he gave it to me.

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That sounds like the perfect gift from him to you :) Happy Birthday!


I'm often found doing the same as you. I'll call out: Who wants to be my favorite kid today??!


And a few come running. Usually the younger ones LOL since they still don't know any better, bless their hearts.


Then I ask them to run upstairs or to the car for me because I'm lazy like that. Every once in awhile, to tick off the also-lazy older kids, I'll ask the Favorite to run to the market and pick up an ice cream cone. It's understood that it's for her or him, not me. That's usually good for getting a better response the next time I ask who's my favorite!

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