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starting from the beginning...

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I have decided to go with Singapore Math AND Rightstart Math

Singapore we are going to start with 3A

With Right start, I am thinking of starting from the beginning with level A.

My kids saw this program being implemented from level A and loved how the concepts were taught, and now want to do this program, but from the beginning. I am nervous about this idea. BUT, it would be an EXTRA math technically, since they will have Singapore Math to do as well.

Anyone have any opinions or advice?? All thoughts are welcome.

Also, what is the difference between the two editions of Rightstart?

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If you are going to do this (which is a lot since RS is soooo hands on), I would recommend starting with Right Start B. It has all the concepts of A, but faster.


I'm using both, but in a different way. My main spine is Right Start, and I bought the Singapore workbooks for extra practice. We are finishing up RSB and Singapore level 1 right now, and it has worked well. I haven't gotten to Singapore 3 yet, so can't comment on that.


I don't think the revised versions of Right Start B and beyond are out yet. As far as I know, just A.

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We used the first version because there was no other at the time, but it worked great. If you are starting with older kids, I would start with level B. A was originally written after B to allow younger kids to start the material at a slower pace. It looks like the second edition covers more geometry, measurement and weight concepts, and incorporates more games.

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