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Blitzer PreCalculus...keep, or donate?

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During my gleaning activities, I pulled a Blizer PreCalculus book (IE, 3rd edition) AND the Solution Manual off the table...I figured if it wound up being something not-great, I could donate it to someone else.


I've read some not-so-great reviews here...so, if you got this book (with the NEW CD, too), and Solution Manual, would you keep it, or pass it on to someone else?

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I don't know the book, but regardless of reviews:

I personally would keep it until the last of my children had finished pre-calculus. Since kids differ, it may turn out to be a good resource for one of them even if it were terrible for all the others. Or I might want to use its worked out problems to create a test. Or pull extra problems from it to supplement my other curriculum.

Math books don't expire.

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