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Has anyone used stove blacking on a kitchen stove top?


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Sounds like it could be pretty messy. Cast iron has a textured surface that will absorb and hold onto the wax.


A painted or enameled commercial stove surface is slick and has nothing to grip the wax. I imagine that every time you brush against it, you would get black on yourself or the cloth. You would be better off doing some touch up with an enamel paint that can handle high temps. It will never look perfect if you try to repair it, but if you have some large chips out of the surface, it may make them less obvious.

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I would consider trying Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop cleaner (they make several products so make sure you get the cooktop cleaner). It is designed for glass top stoves and I have never had an issue with it damaging the enamel on the edges. It is a cleaner but also polishes so it can make the surface look nice again as well.


I buy it at Home Depot but at our location it is with the appliances, not the cleaning aisle. There are other similar products, but look at the ingredients before you buy. Some are just calcium carbonate. I can not attest to any other brands because I have stuck with just this one over the years and have been pleased with the results.

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