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VP self paced history


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I may do VP self paced history next year with my 3rd grader and let my 1st grader tag a long and watch.


We did SOTW 1 this year, I am wondering if I should start my kids with OTAE in VP or go to the second year?


What else do I need to go along with the self paced history? Any other spines or is it all on the computer? Does it come with recommendations for readers and read alouds?


Any help will be appreciated, I am trying to decide between VP and BiblioPlan.

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Thanks for your advice!


I was mainly wondering if we should start with OTAE because I'm not really certain how much they have retained from SOTW. That is why I want to move away from SOTW, and try to find something that is a little more fun and I like the idea of memorizing the timeline. I think that would help them retain more information. If we are going to do memorizing then it just seems like we should start at the begining. I'm sure this is probably a personal choice as to where I should start them, I just like to over think things!

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