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MCT Poetry and Caesar's English


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I'm planning on starting MCT with my dd this year (5G) and I'd like to order this week. I'm just stuck with two decisions and need some guidance.


1 - I'm planning on ordering Level 2 but I'm concerned about the Poetry. We've never studied poetry so I'm wondering if I shouldn't buy the Music of the Hemispheres (Level 1) instead of Building Poems.


2 - How in the world do I decide which Caesar's English to buy? I'm tempted with the new one just thinking bigger must be better BUT my dd isn't enthralled with Roman history and may actually be turned off by the pictures. I do like the thought that it integrates the other parts of the program more fully.


On the other hand, I like the price of the original and it gets wonderful reviews.


How do I decide?

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The old version of CE is fine, and you only need the TM for it rather than both the TM and the student book.


There isn't much difference in content between the "island" poetry book and the "town" one. I would just get the "town" one and also consider Figuratively Speaking to have more practice with the various poetic terms.

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