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Kindle users: Where do you get your e-books?

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I know there are many sites with free e-books for downloading, but Amazon has free or cheap versions in Kindle formatting for many books, so I usually get their e-books because it is faster and easier. The Kindle version of The Once And Future King is $11.99, however, so I'd prefer free but don't really know the best place to get it free. Do e-books at the free sites have the features I love, such as accessing the dictionary definition of a word by pressing on the word, and the ability to go to a chapter directly from the table of contents. What do most of you Kindle users do? Also, any other Kindle wisdom that you would like to pass on? Thanks a million!

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Check with your public library. Nearly all of my Kindle reading lately is books borrowed for free in Kindle format via my library's free online lending service. Most medium to large-sized libraries are linked into a statewide network where I live. Not all the library's physical books are available for Kindle, but I have been very impressed with the variety. I can do it all from home. It's awesome.


Also, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow a book per month (with no set return deadline) at no extra charge from their selected list of books eligible for that program. Sometimes I can find something I want there too.

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I concur with the library and Amazon Prime free book rental. If you can save up $50, Yesterday's Classics often sells a bundle of nearly 300 books covering Pk-high school. Watch for the sale. Most of the books are on TWTM reading lists. If you can score it cheap, it really makes each book a matter of cents.

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If they don't have the amazon format (Mobi) I use Calibre (a free program) to convert them.


Here is where I get all my free stuff..

Site for Free Ebooks

***Newest Find for free textbooks

Orange Grove




this is my favorite, it has a huge listing of public domain books in a very friendly format










Pages with more resources



Great homeschool ebooks, specifically, textbooks

California Free Textbook Initiative


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