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new to homeschool - ?? grammar

Guest kellyring

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Guest kellyring

We are just beginning to start HS my daughter this year (yea!!!) but curious as to where to start with grammar. I see that the First Lang. books are listed for 4th grade - are these considered "too easy" or would I be better off starting at 4 or maybe even 3? Or should we begin with a MCT or Rod & Staff. Btw - we are looking for a more secular curriculum - which would be the better option?

Thank you!


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How old is your daughter? Most students can jump in learning grammar at their age/grade level, regardless of how much previous instruction they've had, because so much of it repeats and builds on itself with gradually increasing levels of depth.


MCT requires more teacher involvement/discussion, takes a less conventional approach to grammar, and many people love it for that reason. Rod & Staff English is more traditional, decidedly not secular, recommended in TWTM for grammar (not writing).


Other options mentioned here often:

  • Hake Grammar - secular - includes diagramming, spiral review in every lesson, workbook format, written to the student, no need for a Teacher's Manual, only a solutions manual
  • Easy Grammar - secular - teaches a prepositions-first approach (which I liked, made a lot of sense), does not include diagramming, no spiral review but does have "chapter" reviews and cumulative reviews, workbook format, mostly independent but does have a teacher manual for additional instruction if needed
  • Analytical Grammar/Junior Analytical Grammar - gets good reviews but I have no personal experience with it - search for threads here
  • KISS Grammar - no personal experience, but available for free online, also gets some good reviews here


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