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AP Statistics thru PA

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What was your experience with this class? How many hours per week do you need to work on this one? Were they well prepared for the AP exam? The reviews on the website generally seem positive but would like to hear some reviews from parents



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My daughter took AP Stats this past year as a senior. She loved the course and felt she was well prepared for the exam. It was one of 4 PA Homeschoolers AP classes she took as a senior (Stats, APUSH, AP Lit and AP Calculus BC) so she was taking it as a fun elective rather than her primary math course and didn't really have a lot of time to devote to it. She spent roughly 5-7 hours per week, including doing the maximum bonus points answering mc questions each day, and the only time she ever spent 2 hours in one day was when she was preparing for a test or if she had gotten significantly behind (i.e., catching up on several days assignments in one day). I almost didn't allow her to sign up for the class because of the significant time that the reviews stated kids were spending on the course---my daughter truly does not understand how the class could possibly require 2 hours per day as stated in some of the reviews. The course ends about a month before the exam and they have a final about a week before the exam that is an actual released prior exam. My daughter was basically spending almost full time on Calculus during this month and only had time to study maybe 4-8 hours in total before the final exam (which she easily scored a 5 on) and maybe another 2 hours the night before/morning of the real AP exam (she had AP Calc and AP lit on the 2 days preceding the Stat's exam, so that was all the time she had available. It was seriously scary how little time she spent preparing, but just by doing to required assignments and daily review m/c questions she felt extremely well prepared for the exam. Also, she really enjoyed the class so much that she is already registered for an economics based statistics course at college next year even though she has refused to ever take another math course after an awful experience in Calc BC this year.

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I've posted my praise of AP Stats with PA Homeschoolers on the forums several times. I can't say enough good things about this class. Putting in the effort with the required work is definitely adequate preparation for the AP exam. The things that made this class stand out head & shoulders above the other online classes we've experienced were the teacher's preparation & organization (the level of professionalism, in other words), her availability through email/facebook/phone/chat, the speed and thoughtfulness of her replies to student's (and parent's) questions (vs other teachers who seem to reply without even reading or trying to understand the student's question), and her flexibility in accommodating scheduling issues.

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