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Physics Intro/Abeka Matter & Motion -- I need your help, please!


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My dd is dyslexic and because of that we have been moving slowly through most subjects that rely upon

reading, spelling and writing. As a result, we only recently started using Abeka's Matter & Motion. I

have only an old student text (1994) that we are using. It has become quite clear that I don't know enough

of this subject (or really remember it) to help her. So I found an old Teacher's Guide that I think will help

(i just ordered it so it's on its way). Here's the difficulty: she is reading about physics principles and expected

to calculate problems based on those principles but they are only just non-relevant information at this point.


For those who have used this curriculum: if I had the other materials that go with this book would that help?

I notice that some people on Ebay have all sorts of books that go with this, including one that says, "Curriculum

with Lab Demonstrations" (I don't think it has a DVD or CD with it) so I'm assuming it is just a written description

with photos or pictures? There are also activity books. Do you think those would help?


I was thinking of getting a physics lab kit (not Abeka but something else) but wasn't sure if that would be confusing since it woudln't follow the topics in the Abeka Science book.


Or perhaps there is a better Bible-based physics introduction which includes at the very least visual demonstrations (like on a DVD). Even better would be hands-on?.


By the way, my dd's dyslexia is mild and because of her tutoring and vision therapy she is within a couple of years of

grade level work. For that I am most thankful!


This is cross posted on the Special Needs Board as well.


Any help you could provide would be good.

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