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What does the Hive think about Dianne Craft Brain Integration stuff?


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I keep seeing her website linked when people discuss learning problems that sound like my kid's. Most recently, auditory processing disorder. I'm not technically a homeschooler, but I essentially have to homeschool (year-round) since my daughter is not taking in enough of the information presented at school. She's done some therapies that have helped, but still struggles. The other day she didn't hear her name called at the end-of-year award ceremony, for Pete's sake. Dianne Craft seems to speak directly to me, but does her stuff work?

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My DS has a neuromuscular movement disorder that impacts how his body gains muscle memory. Some movements he can do easily, others he struggles with. Prior to him being diagnosed with this, I had told our pediatrician for several years that he still wrote his name like he did when he first wrote it - every stroke was slow and thought-out. DS is smart, self-motivated and highly visual. He picked up a crayon and wrote out the entire alphabet without any instruction when he was between 3 and 4 years old. I never had to teach him how to form his letters, he just knew. LIkewise, I never taught him to read, as he figured it out on his own.

Fast forward 5+ years, he was reading/understanding at a high school level, but still forming his letters the same.exact.way. You could watch his face and tell he was still thinking, "How do I form this letter?" Getting the doctor to understand that was another issue!

Long medical process, but a neurologist diagnosed the movement disorder last fall.

End of December, we started Diane Craft's Writing 8 program. We did it 4-5 times a week, along with occupational therapy. Four months later, my DS was writing fluidly.

I think in my son's case, it was the combination of hitting OT along with the writing exercises, that worked so well. But he has an extreme neurological case.

I was very impressed that we saw such improvement in four months.

Part of her program is using a fat crayon against paper, so the child feels that drag as they form the letters. That was spot on to what my son needed for his brain to register the movements.

I have her nutrition audio, along with the writing DVD. Both have been very valuable to us. I do have my DS on a supplement program, some of which I heard about through her audio.


Edited to add: I am not familiar, though, with how her program works for auditory issues. I think her program was solid and exactly what we needed for our situation. How it works for other issues, I don't know.

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I have a few of her books and materials. I haven't used them like I should, so I am interested in what others have to say. I saw her speak at an HSLDA symposium a few years ago.


I have one dd that has spelling /decoding issues, and another dd that forms her letters from the bottom up.

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OK, well, I ordered her book without getting your reviews, so I'm glad to hear it probably was a good investment! Thanks and keep the thoughts coming!


I recently purchased her book and writing DVD. I have had a hard time implementing the exercises due to recent illness and house renovations, but we are starting back on Monday. Both resources were packed full of excellent information.

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