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I Made My Own All-in-One Curric. and Had it Spiral Bound!

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I printed out the first four weeks of school work for my second grader and had it all spiral bound at Staples today. All the work (except for read-alouds and projects) is organized by day. I'm especially excited because when we go visit family this summer, I only have to grab one spiral bound book, instead of a stack of workbooks.


I'm really hoping having everything organized like these means I'll finally consistently do the subjects we tend to skip like writing and Spanish. I also added in worksheets for learning to read music.


I feel like I have my own all-in-one/boxed curric, only exactly the way I want it. The best part is that having it bound only cost $8.

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That sounds great. Seems like a great plan for when we travel and take some school with us. We leave a lot behind for weight. One spiral book for the 4 weeks we're gone would make it easy, even if I just copy the chapter we'll read and include it.


Great idea!


I'm looking even more forward to 4 weeks abroad in the fall!

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I like that idea! Sounds fun. It wouldn't work here in case something changed, I would have to either start over or go through the rigamarole of uncoiling, fixing & re-coiling.


I just finished math though. DD has *finally* decided upon the math she likes (and it wasn't spunky math *cries*), Math Mammoth, which is one of the download sets I have had practically *forever*, sigh.


I printed it out, and got some other stuff we do for school that we always forget about. So now for every 2 pages of math she has one "reward" page (one is another math book that has anime type characters she chose that is hands-on, and gives a fun break, but still working on math skills, another is her next anti-coloring book, and the final piece is Lollipop Logic). I just printed all of those, put math mammoth in order, and plonked one of those pages behind every two pages, then punched it all, and plonked it into a big binder.


I have a mini version of the same coloured binder that is for her "weekly" stuff. she only has to do 10 pages a week of that binder (5 pages double-sided) but I put around double that in there, as I know she flies through math things fast. This way, she doesn't see the "giant" pile of paper, she gets "rewarded" with stuff we do anyway (when I remember to do it rofl), and she's all happy. Completed work at the end of the week will just be plonked into the back of the big binder, and a new stack plonked into the smaller binder.


Spiral-ing my own curriculum sounds grand, and I previously did something similar with my BABS binder system, but now I mainly use different "curriculas" for each child for math (using MOTL as a guide to keep an eye on everything), our LA is all over the place (not disorganized, just many different pieces), and for the rest we use KONOS which I copied, marked up and pro-clicked (I suppose thats my bound curric! lol). Plus a whole bunch of art stuff, and free range learning projects. I think I am now too far (bits & piecey, relaxed) from my BABS days to make a pretty all-in-one curric :( Sad Panda.

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I'm seriously considering trying this for next year. Even though I'm thinking of going by subject instead of by day at least for the older boys - that way I can duplex. I just purchased a binding machine, so I could bind 2-3 weeks at a time, and be more flexible to changes. I'd love to have the 'little' papers in one spot - like map drawing and math warmup pages. So I hope it works great for you!

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Really, really awesome. How do you handle it if you miss a day to illness or something.


I've never tried it like this before. If we miss a day, I guess we'll just be a day off on everything. If I continue it, I'll probably just label the days by school day # instead of week #, day #.

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That looks awesome. I'm bookmarking this, I might come back in a few years when I have more of a schedule down and use this :)


What is an anti-colouring book?


They were a bunch of books originally printed a while ago as an alternative to all of the colouring books out there. Everything seems to assume your children will love to colour in all day long, every day.


The basic concept of the AC Books is Creative Drawing Prompts. They give starter ideas and pictures for the child to finish or prompts for the child to think about.


There is the basic series (Book one, two etc) and then there are others like Red Letter Days, Nature's Wonders, etc, which are different from the original series, so to get an idea on those its best to look at the individual samples.


They are available digitally on currclick.com


Joyce Heroz? I think her name is, on currclick, also does another "series" (just two books for now) I plan to use later on, called something like Draw & Write 1, which is a bit of a step up from the AC Books, but does seem to be a little repetitive.


In case you can't tell, I collect these things, lol. My daughter loves them (she hates colouring in and prefers to draw stuff herself, she'll do the occasional Dover Stained Glass colouring book & similar though).

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So do you use only things you can print yourself? I'm using a few things that are pre-printed, and on facing pages. *sigh* This looks really cool though, and I keep thinking it would be so simple, and the books wouldn't have to be as tough as something I wanted to use for a whole term.

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I just noticed that I have to look at the bottom to attach files. D'oh!


Here are the samples as requested.






I did this idea last year but just stapled her papers for each day..  I started out with a whole week in a binder but spent to much time hole-punching so I just started stapling the days when I put the weeks together.  It works GREAT!!  


May I ask where the music worksheets are from?  website or curriculum or??  TIA



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I did something similar for this year (and posted about it on this older thread).



I put the whole year together into 8 workbooks. The subjects are mixed in a logical order. There's no distinction between days or weeks because I just figured we'd work our way through until we finished. Spending about an hour a day on it (first grade). All of our curriculum except FLL2 is in the workbook.



I love the music sheets! These will be so helpful! I haven't had the last four workbooks spiral bound yet, so I'm going to try to fit those in for the second half of the year.

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