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Lori D.

Transcripts, Credits, NCAA, College Applications, First Time at College, Scholarships/Financial Aid, Career Explore -- past threads linked here!

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:001_wub: You are amazing!


So if I follow this thread, will that be like subscribing to the thread was on the old board and I will always be able to find this thread for reference?

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COLLEGE: Prep, Planning, and Being "Guidance Counselor"
Transcript assistance for a STEM kid (strong/weak senior year; well-rounded)
S/O of Transcript assistance for STEM kid (planning high school classes that look good for college admission)

Turns out AP/CLEP doesn't matter

Frustrated with meeting college requirements vs. our own…
Anyone had a "rude awakening" when applying to colleges? (what to know about admissions)
Where do home schooled kids go to college?
Whine!! I didn't sign up to be a guidance counselor!

I never planned on homeschooling through high school, yet here I am. Anyone else?
Advice from homeschoool parents of high schoolers
Best advice for preparing for/getting into college? Books? Articles?
The "There will be gaps" thread?

Does the stress ever end?
The days are racing by... (graduating children/heading to college)
Having a hard time letting go (graduating children/heading to college)

COLLEGE: NCAA Requirements/Prep
Warning: NCAA Eliminated the Homeschool Department -- 15 August 2017, Correlano


NCAA?? -- 21 February 2013, Swimmermom3
NCAA sports vs. homeschoolers -- anyone know (accreditation required?) -- 22 April 2009, Miss Marple
NCAA eligibility: need oversight? (using umbrella organization; Clonlara accepted, NARS NOT accepted) -- 19 March 2008, Begonia
NCAA Eligibility (variety of tips) -- 2 September 2010, Tutor
NCAA eligibility (need NCAA requirements to be eligible for sports scholarships?) -- 21 April 2011, Allegro


A High School athlete's journey -- 23 June 2012, Sue in St Pete

NCAA follow up -- 14 January 2014, Sue in St Pete

Heard from the NCAA (about core class worksheets) -- 2 August 2013, Blue Hen

Update on NCAA journey (update to previous thread) -- 13 August 2013, Blue Hen

NCAA registration -- 4 August 2012, snowbeltmom

Athletes, NCAA eligibility, online classes? -- 20 February 2012, Heather in PNW

How does NCAA sports and comm college (NCAA eligibility and dual enrollment?) -- 9 June 2009, Lux Et Veritas Academy

NCAA Clearinghouse -- 17 January 2011, Margaret in CO

NCAA not accepting K-12 courses -- 20 April 2014, plansrme
NCAA approved text list -- 28 February 2011, In The Great White North
NCAA muddying my waters! (class/textbook eligibility) -- 27 February 2011, Danestress
About NCAA eligibility (approved classes/textbooks) -- 22 February 2010, galtgrl


Navigating NCAA and planning high school - help, please! -- 24 October 2014, Annabel Lee

DS and NCAA (does NCAA allow you to count credits from middle school) -- 22 January 2015, Gratia271

​NCAA Core Curriculum Worksheets… Argggg -- 17, October 2014, guarinogardener

COLLEGE: Choosing a School
Can someone walk me through the college search process? -- 10 August 2016, Daria

Finding colleges/programs -- 23 November 2015 -- Hilltopmom

Choosing colleges to apply to? -- 05 November 2015, mckive6

Where do we start with choosing a college? -- 9 July 2013, profmom

How do you begin making college choices? -- 31 March 2011, Quill


What resources did you use to narrow down your lists of colleges to visit? -- 23 January 2016, Daria

What are your favorite websites for researching colleges? -- 08 April 2016, Penguin


For those that chose out-of-state schools, how did you decide? -- 17 December 2016, mirabilis
Choosing between colleges and the warm fuzzy factor -- 6 April 2013, Tiramisu

DD having an impossible time choosing a college! Can you help? -- 30 April 2013, Blueridge

Next choice: Big fish in a small pond or just average? (pros/cons of large/small college) -- 8 April 2013, Tiramisu
Which college would you choose (many good issues raised helpful for thinking thru choosing a college) -- 26 April 2011, Plucky


What we have learned about choosing college and paying for it -- 8 April 2010, Kendall

Choosing a college -- prestige vs program -- 16 July 2013, Hoggirl

How do you "check out a college"? -- 20 May 2013, Hot Lava Mama

Online college or not? -- 10 July 2010, Susan Wise-Bauer blog and readers reply


Wearing the counselor hat: how to help your students find the right fit -- 30 April 2013, Jane in NC

How to determine a good college fit? -- 3 February 2012, snowbeltmom

Discussing college fit -- 4 January 2014, Okra


How do college visits work? -- 31 December 2015, swimmermom3

Would you even bother with college tours? -- 03 January 2017, DawnM

Can we discuss college fit and college visits -- some more? -- 6 March 2014, Trilliums


How do you rate a local community college? -- 20 May, 2014, teeterbunch



COLLEGE: Admissions, Common App
To parents of freshmen, sophomores next year (4 types of college admissions, and why you have to plan ahead in the high school years) -- 25 April 2014, Nan in Mass

College application -- supplementary documentation? (course descriptions, common app, school profile, other necessary paperwork) -- 22 May 2013, regentrude
Course descriptions, graceless transcripts, and other things that keep me up at night -- 15 March 2010, Maura in NY
What do you think? (college admissions, SAT testing, scholarships/financial aid) -- 1 March 2013, Teachin' Mine

Common app question (what documents to send) -- 27 March 2011, mooooom
Common App questions -- 23 September 2011, mochick
New Common Application for Next Fall (for 2013-14) -- 8 May 2013, Candid

Common App essay topics for 2013-14 -- 25 February 2013, Brenda in MA

Transcript/Course Descriptions -- logistics question (how/when to attach to the Common App; Counselor Report; School Report demographics for homeschoolers; etc.) -- 10 August 2013, Laura in CA

School profile for common app -- 22 October 2012, Ruth in CA
Another common app question (school report?) -- 25 September 2011, mooooom
Homeschool Letter of Recommendation -- where to submit it: online on common app? -- 30 December 2012, Osmosis Mom
Letter of Recommendation from Pastor for Common App? -- 6 November 2012, Blessed

COLLEGE: Freshman Orientation
Preparing for freshman orientation -- written to the student (how to prepare/make the most of orientation)
We attended new student orientation today (registering for classes)
So excited about going to orientation with DD… (cost; compass test)

Before sending a student off to college (to do list)

Gwen's complete college supply list
Freshman move-in day

Small dorm storage -- share advice or past mistakes -- 15 July 2015, mom31257

Keeping things in a dorm room -- 27 June 2015, school17777

Locking trunk? -- 22 April 2015, dhudson




How do you find colleges with study abroad programs? -- 21 February 2015, Greta

So, study abroad. Worth it? -- 17 September 2015, plansrme

Talk to me about study abroad -- 1 May, 2015, JanetC

If your child is planning to study overseas -- 20 March 2015, Laura Corin

Financial aid at foreign colleges -- 15 August 2012, Ohdanigirl

Has anyone had their student go for a semester abroad? -- 26 June 2014, momofkhm

Is there a forum, anywhere, where university abroad is discussed? -- 16, January 2016, madteaparty


Any last-minute overseas traveling a dice for my DS? -- 19 August 2015, Hoggirl

Tips for sending a teen abroad -- 6 May 2015, swimmermom3

Lessons about study abroad - so far -- 10 January 2015, momofkhm

International travel accessories -- 20 February 2015, momofkhm

Understanding Financial Aid -- 27 Feb 2015, 8FillTheHeart

Financial Aid resources for college?
Financial aid -- looking toward the future for DS
Newbie question about college costs
About money and private colleges: Tell me truly?
Merit financial Aid tied to standardized test scores?

FINANCIAL AID: Specific Questions
FAFSA, college costs, and divorced parents
Do colleges consider a parent's retirement funds when deciding on financial aid? (tips for maximizing financial aid)
Is the financial aid package accurate? (how is work study/federal grant $ determined)
Military veteran dependent and financial aid (specific info on passing on unused GI Bill benefits)
Common App asks, "intend to apply for need-based financial aid; pros/cons of yes/no?
Second (or subsequent) college year merit aid or financial aid news (required GPA or other requirements to maintain a scholarship or earn a new one)

FINANCIAL AID: Finding and Applying for $$
College financial aid question (how to apply for financial aid)
Sharing tips on finding good financial aid from colleges
With no idea beforehand about financial aid, how do you know where to apply?

Can we talk college saving? (questions about, and ideas towards, saving for college)
S/O: Cautionary tale/high college costs -- a brainstorm $$ ideas thread! (creative idea for funding college)
Paying for college

FINANCIAL AID: FAFSA, EFC (estimated family contribution)
Financial aid question
Looking for an EFC calculator of the FAFSA

Financial aid / student loans questions

FINANCIAL AID: Asking for More $$
How do you ask for more money?
Financial aid question (asking for a better package/more competitive package)
Letter to financial aid office(appealing for more aid)
College financial aid form (special circumstance explanation/letter)

FINANCIAL AID: Discussions
Five big financial aid lies; one-page article (keeping/losing scholarships; eroded value of scholarships; % of met-need; Parent Plus loans; lowering high EFC #, merit aid)
Poll: % of the first year expenses of student's 4-year college was GIVEN -- grant, scholarship, etc.
Poll: Money saved for college by family and student
College Debt (Susan Wise-Bauer blog and reader replies on pros/cons of college debt)

FINANCIAL AID: Community College
Community College and Financial Aid (what is available; is dual enrollment eligible)
Poll: % of the first year expenses of student''s 2-year college was GIVEN -- grant, scholarship, etc.

Preparing for College: what scholarships/grants to apply for (compilation of best tips into a "how to" list)
Scholarships and home schooled students (the scholarship process)
What scholarships are out there that homeschoolers can get? (tips on the scholarship process)
College scholarships(ways to obtain them)
Homeschoolers qualifying for scholarships?
Being accepted into college, and scholarships? (how to do it)

Need all your tips and advice on scholarship search
X-post: Need all your tips and advice on scholarship search (essays, outside scholarship ideas)
Paying for college (scholarship tips)
How do I apply for scholarships?
When do most people start applying for scholarships?

Can I share some thoughts on academic scholarships and SAT scores? (test scores and college profile matches)
Unofficial acceptances and scholarships at college visits (ACT test scores and scholarships)

Are college scholarships taxable?
X-post: College scholarships and taxes
FAFSA and scholarships (paying taxes on scholarships)

How does a student get a full ride?
How do you find the scholarships?
10th grade parents: scholarships available for juniors
Scholarships (check scholarship lists at public school guidance offices)

SCHOLARSHIPS: Weighing Options
Spinoff of College Scholarships ($$ from top tier vs. lesser school)
I'm getting there! More Questions… Now scholarships! (scholarship pros/cons of starting at community college and transferring to 4-year school)
Dual Enrollment credits and college scholarships
How to calculate costs for scholarships?

Full ride merit scholarships -- am I dreaming?
Help me find resources for merit-based scholarships

SCHOLARSHIPS: specific eligibility
College sports/scholarships -- how to?
College sports/scholarships -- with little/no public school experience
Can club sport participants get college scholarships?

Anybody know anything about music scholarships?
New Cyber Navy ROTC Scholarships
SMART scholarships (work-for-$$ scholarship in STEM fields -- after graduation, work military civilian job)

Scholarships for someone like DS
Some little-known scholarships



SCHOLARSHIPS: National Merit
Can we talk PSAT and National Merit Scholarships? -- 27 August 2008, Jane in NC

National Merit question (is it worth it -- esp. if getting a Bright Futures (or other) Scholarship) -- 26 September 2012, Melissa B

Which schools offer automatic, significant scholarships to National Merit finalists? -- 17 June 2013, plansrme

National Merit question? (helpful info about the next steps in the process) -- 15 April 2013, Laura in CA

National Merit application/transcript (how/when do you know if a semi-finalist) -- 6 September 2012, speedmom4

National Merit Scholarship Finalist application questions -- 1 July 2011, debbiec



SCHOLARSHIPS: "Inside" (awarded through the college) and "Outside" (source other than the college)
Do private colleges still give full tuition scholarships…
Let's talk about scholarships
Outside scholarships go to reducing student loans, right?
Outside scholarships: be honest. Does it work?
A timely article: "Get Real on Scholarships"

The myth of the successful college dropout (downside to NOT getting a 4-year degree)
Helping children choose a career/college major (pros/cons of going to college and a 4-year degree)
Saying no to college
An epiphany about college attendance

Pros and cons of getting an Associates Degree
College dreams vs. technical school reality -- trying to reconcile my edu-snobbery
"Who Benefits from College" -- Diane Rehm radio show (value of apprenticeships and technical schools)

CAREER: Being the "Career Counselor"
Wearing the counselor hat: how to help your students find the right fit
Ability vs. interest in degree choice

CAREER: Tests, Exploration and Resources
Poll: Does your 12-14yo have any idea of what they want to do for a career?
S/O of "does your 12-14yo..." (what should our expectations be; how to prepare them for college; how to help them discover their career; etc.)
Can a teen pick a career?
How to choose a career you will enjoy?

Where to start? Which resources, etc.
Is there a site that helps a student figure out what career path to follow?
Going out of my mind trying to pick a major (how to match with a career/degree)
Opinions/advice for 19yo and career choices (when student has no idea what they want to do)
Career counseling for the undecided
Career testing - knowing what to major in/do with your life
Helping your college student decide on a major


Can anyone recommend a career aptitude test?
Career aptitude test?
Has anyone used "Career Direct" from Crown Financial Ministries (or other career assessment tool)?
Has anyone used the Strong Interest Inventory
Career aptitude testing?

Interest/career surveys? Need one for DS 19

Career interest surveys?

Career testing -- knowing what to major in/do with your life


Career Choosing, book suggestions
What resources would you recommend for a 9th grader about choosing a career?
Choosing a career book suggestion?
I need recommendations for career surveys... (elective courses)

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Lori, I just want to say that you are amazing! I have had such trouble with the search engine on the new board. Apparently you have it mastered.


What a kind and gracious soul you are!



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Lori, I just want to say that you are amazing! I have had such trouble with the search engine on the new board. Apparently you have it mastered.


What a kind and gracious soul you are!




Yes to all of the above. Sometimes I have better luck with Google pulling up a WTM thread than I do with the board's search engine/

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This is incredible. I started drafting an in progress transcript last night. Tinkered some more this morning. Chanting "I think I can I think I can" under my breath.

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This is a wonderful resource. I have one who graduated already but this will help me figure out where I messed up last time around :-)



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Thank you for this thread. I'm up late tonight freaking out over this journey... and just found this. I've bookmarked it so I can study it. Thank you. 

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I wanted to add a recommendation for Homeschool . I just received ds's diploma. It's so gorgeous I teared up. 


I went with the option that used the wording "High School Diploma" and included our state. I also used the signature for administrator and date instead of parent, as someone reminded me parents don't generally sign a diploma, school officials do. It includes our school name and the cover is well done. 


It doesn't say anything about homeschooling and I did that specifically because ds is considering living/studying abroad and I wanted no one questioning the validity of his diploma should it need to be shown. There is few links listed here with questions about diplomas and international schools. 


Their shipping was quick and it was well packaged. I considered making my own, but would have needed to buy color ink and parchment paper. This probably cost only a few more dollars than that and includes a cover. I'll take a picture when I get it out again. 


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