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What is your experience with counselors?

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My lawyer recommends that my ds 11 goes to a counselor. So, if I need someone in court to stand up and speak for my son on why he doesn't want to go to his dads and why it is not good for him to go to his dads I will have someone.


Here is the thing I have stopped visitation. Reasons being that his new girlfriend hates my son. She is constantly yelling at them, doesn't let them go outside, makes them clean the whole house. Not just simple chores, everything. While she sits on her butt and does nothing. Well you know kids they can only do so much. Well her house is GROSS to start off with. It would take me days to just get the stuff off of the floor in the kitchen. So, to expect a child to do this is wrong! Also the other reason is his dad doesn't care. He takes 8 kids and 2 adults in a 5 seater SUV to the mountains and drinks while he drives! To top it off he already doesn't have a drivers license. What if he wrecks the vehicle with my son in it? Another reason is that they don't have any food at their house. They go to the SIL house and borrow food all the time, well the SIL cannot afford to feed all of them and her family. The reason they don't have food is because beer, cigarettes, and whatever else they think is more important comes first.


Am I wrong for stopping visitation for this? I tried to talk to him about his girlfriend and such, but he says I am lying. So, his mother, sister, brother, and SIL also said something about it. Well he said that we are just all ganging up on him and that she (his girlfriend) is not like that and we are all lying. OMG is he really that stupid?


Oh, to give a little background on here. She is like 22 has two kids that she just lost. Her ex took full custody. She is the stupidest person I have ever met. Simple things she cannot even tell you the truth about. She makes my blood boil. I put up with her because I had to, but I saw this stuff first hand when I went over there this last Thursday. Well no more!


So, any suggestions? Should I send my son to a counselor? I know some people who have had the counselor thing back fire on them.

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He said that as long as my reasons are good enough, that the judge will not hold me in contempt. Especially with the drinking and driving. Also with the way that my son is being treated. Now he would have to file a order to show cause and take me back to court to have anything done. Well he doesn't have the resources to do this, and his family told me that they are not paying for another lawyer for him again.


His family even told me not to send my son back.

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