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Dyslexia: Has anyone used....

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I always say this -- but I thought computer learning would be good for my son, and then it turned out he needed a kinesthetic element (aka physically moving around letter tiles, physically underlining phonograms) for a while. So I just worry about that a little.


I am not familiar with this program, though. That is just a general thing about computer programs if it happens that kinesthetic learning is really helpful.


Also my son was very content to do random guessing with a computer, and it was hard to get that. I would watch for that also.



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My daughter made good progress the first three months, but then she hit a part that she could not move past. I waited a few months and tried again. She did well for a few weeks and then hit a wall again. I gave up after that. I would not buy it again, but you might do better with it. I thought the price was good for what you got. We pay $70 a week for a tutor now.

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Guest IndigoB

It's no better or worse than most of the other computer learn to read programs out there.


So, if you've already tried them and failed I wouldn't bother with this one.


Do you know if your child is struggling with:


* Hearing the sounds in the words?

* Seeing the words correctly?

* Remembering what sounds the letters (and letter combinations) make?


Most, but not all, dyslexics have both subtle hearing and subtle vision problems that it's good to address before trying (yet again) to teach them to read...

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It helped ds learn all the sounds/ letter combos, but he never improved in his ability to read nonsense words...which implied to me that it had not effectively taught my son phonics.


I am in the "spend your money on a good tutor" camp.

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