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I *hate* being a prophet

Harriet Vane

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It's awful to see . . . to predict . . . to absolutely know . . .


to try to help those around see and understand and put a stop to this runaway train . . .


Only to be met with complacency, to be told that it will be fine


Knowing that it is not fine and will not get better




Watching someone dear to me in the early stages of dementia and unable to motivate others to have the hard conversations or to think through the future in a practical way.





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Yes, I've been there. Do the right thing, and take a deep breath.


The reality is that the family will suffer divisions and damage that may never be resolved even after the person is buried. Dementia is so very, very hard.



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Sad, but true. It is also hard when everyone else is more closely related and the prophet is an in-law (or should I say outlaw?).


"And He said, 'Truly I say to you, no prophet is welcome in his hometown.'"

Luke 4:24



Hope others will soon admit that they see the same things that concern you.

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