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at least we have insurance now...help


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After a 4 month break with out our insurance started on the first..and what did I say "ok guys now you can get hurt"

I didn't really mean it :crying:


Now that summer is scheduled and her ballet and swim sessions are paid for, dd messed up her knee of all things while on her occupational therapy ball,


We spent the morning at urgent care and getting xrays and its all braces and crutches and more xrays scheduled after next week and arg poor Iddy.


She is more worried about not being healthy enough for her classes and being on the couch than she is upset coping with the pain.


but the worst part is after only one day on the couch I am ready to scream -and she already is (i just want to be in my tree!)

- this is the child that NEEDS 3-4 hours of outside or physical activity a day minimum or she is off the walls...and she is benched.


after one day of enforced lack of activity i am reconsidering her doc's recommendation for Ritalin :glare:


we had a mr bean marathon today.. but TV wont cut it for long and it will be almost 2 weeks before the next round of xrays and a yay or nay for coming off crutches.


ideas to keep her from driving us and herself mad.? Please? Whimpering ....

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ideas to keep her from driving us and herself mad.? Please? Whimpering ....



What are her interests, other than physical activity? Maybe we can help you think of some projects that will keep her brain and hands occupied while she heals.

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oh this child...:)


I asked her "hey what are your interests other that physical activities." I had some ideas but was curious what she would say, and she comes back with -


reading in trees , walking and flipping on fences, pretty much any climbing...yeah and i am starting wonder why this is the first time she has been hurt!


Then she launches in how she like submarines (which is new to me) and blimps and steam power...she is very into steampunk...maybe i can find some books that are appropriate for 12 yrold.


all my steampunk type books are def too old.


I was thinking too i could set up some lawn chairs and a little table outside so that she could at least be outside and do a library run and craft store run.


why are the kids who never get sick the crabbiest when they are finally incapacitated?


I have to say boy she is my oldest but i did not realize how much she was actually doing and helping around here- the girl needs a raise :)


I will look into seeing if i can get a refund or credit for her classes

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Do you have a wii, or could maybe borrow one? There are several sports games she could play from a chair/couch (archery, bowling, etc)

Some model she could build (submarine or the like)?

Sign her up for some online class??? Several people have posted free online programs recently.

Make a summer reading challenge just for her with some reward she really wants for reaching a goal?

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Can you borrow or rent a wheelchair so that she could wheel herself around outdoors -- it's physical, at least, and would perhaps give her a little better sense of independence than the crutches (when you can't even carry things around by yourself it's pretty frustrating!)

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