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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

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My list:


Clean kitchen - sweep and mop floor this time too.

Laundry - dd needs to do a load esp.


Library stuff

School at the library

Passport appointment - 2:30 - remind dh - and fill in the two blanks I left on the form!!!!


Work on Shakespeare stuff


Map out lessons for summer camp. E-mail them to my co-teacher

Yard work


Latin tutor

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My list today


*facilitator meeting for year end review

*watch before school child

*clean entrance way

*take boxes to basement

*take out garbage

* work in garden


*mop entrance floor

*finish cleaning kitchen and mop floor

*clean livingroom

*clean alcove

*pick up mail

*clean bathroom(have to wait until laundry is done in there)


It is only 1020am and I am feeling quite productive already, now to keep the momentum

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My list comes mostly from the Motivated Moms app (which I'm finding to be too much work to get done in a day):


Make bed

Clean master bathroom shower

Make breakfast

Wash DD3's bedding

Wash DS6's bedding

Clip children's nails

Empty trash


Feed pets

Scoop litter box

Make lunch

Wash breakfast & lunch dishes

Clean main shower/tub

Clean hair brushes

Wipe out bathroom sinks

Dust master bedroom

Vacuum master bedroom

Vacuum girls' bedroom

Vacuum boys' bedroom

Clean out upper kitchen cabinets

Plan/cook dinner

Wash dinner dishes

Wipe down kitchen sink and counters

Have kids do state history assignment

Do math with DS11

Go to library to pick up holds


Complete and mail application for DS11's camp (a STEM day camp on base that's free!)

Complete and mail health form for DD13's camp


We also have someone coming over to drop off a bike for Dh or I. They might stay and play for a while.


Take DS to boy scouts.


There's no way I'm going to get this whole list done.

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Fortunately, I have two older kids who can do some of it. DD13 is picking up and vacuuming her room and cleaning the main bathroom shower/tub. DS11 is picking up and vacuuming his room, scooping litter boxes, and taking out the trash and recycling.


I'm also not expecting to finish it all, so anything is a bonus. I just need something to keep me moving forward, so I'm trying MM again.

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My list for today is:


Go to Toddler Class with daughters - Done

Drop and Renew Books at Library-Done

Go to Girl Scout store and pick up Brownie Uniform-Done

Go to Walmart and pick of things in preparation for my trip to the Homeschool Conference- Done


Pick up daughter from School

Take daughter to Hand Therapy

Go to son's game



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Arrrrgh! We woke up late because we stayed up to watch America's Got Talent. Ds15 is having major problems with his allergies because it is sunny and warm and I believe I saw his brain left somewhere down the road. . .


To make myself feel a bit better I'm going to write down what has been done.


Got up. (I'm counting everything I can here!)

Personal hygiene and dressing.

Made bed.

Made and ate breakfast and cleaned up afterward.

Dh (bless him! Truly, not in a "bless his heart" way.) cleaned the kitchen.

Made it to the library.

Ds did half of two assignments. Don't ask me why he only did half and then moved to another one where he did half. It's been that sort of a day.

Dd did two subjects.

I managed all my e-mails, and things of that sort.

I had personal prayer time.

I remeasured ds and recorded it on his passport form.

I filled in one more area of missing information.

We ran to the grocery store where everyone stopped ds to tell him how tall he's gotten and how manly.

I got a few things and then came home.

Made and ate lunch.


Next up: get together all the passport stuff so we don't forget anything.

Do library stuff.

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Lunch update.


New bike will be mine. It'll fit either DD13 or me, but she doesn't like the handlebars, so I get it. Riding a bike again after 20+ years is terrifying.


Both sets of bedding are in progress.

Math with DS11 is in progress; we had to take a break when the friend with the bike showed up.

I washed the breakfast dishes already, so the wash breakfast and lunch dishes are also in progress.

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4 pm and I am toast. I still have lots to do on my list but did I mention that I am toast? Taking dd to the volunteer party, going to Zumba and assisting and the Latin tutor are all non-negotiable and are coming up in a couple of hours. So I am going to flake out now and work on a jig-saw puzzle. Butter me up and call me toast!

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Well, my "new bike" isn't new...just new to me...it's a purple 21 speed only I can't figure out how to get to 7 of them.


Bedding is done; I just have to put them back on the beds.

Lunch dishes are done.

Math with DS is done.

Tutoring is done.

Cleaning the 3 trout DD and her friend brought home from fishing and giving them to the neighbor (we don't like trout) is done.



Priority for the next hour and a half is bedding and dinner. After that, I have to take DS to boy scouts.

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