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If you've used Aesop's from RFWP before

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how complete do you consider it? Would you add to it for language arts or see it with lots of free reading as enough for 1st grade?


Background that might help - this is for my dd6. She did ps for k this last year, reads at about a 2nd grade level but is much closer to age-grade in writing abilities. I got it to do with her over the summer for fun and she is enjoying it - so we will stick with it as long as the enjoyment continues as it is a fun thing for us to do together. We are debating hs for fall - and as I think through options and plans and such I am wondering if I could use this as the base or key part of language arts or if you think I'll want more. She loves to read and is currently working through the American Girl books - if we hs'ed her in the fall, I would also assign some reading each week and let her read her choice of books as well. Just thinking through possibilities and wondering if anyone has advice. TIA.

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Well, I'm only looking at it, but I'm interested in others' experiences.


I was thinking a grammar program alongside would be appropriate. Either FLL or MCT. I'm (probably going to be) doing this with a 2nd grader, and was thinking MCT.

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This is interesting, because I have MCT Island and used it with my 3rd grader this last semester - we have finished everything except Sentence Island and have 2 chapters left of that to finish in the fall (we started in January). I would consider even Island to be far above the level of Aesop's - at least Aesop's I (I bought the whole set but haven't looked at II-IV much yet). YMMV - I find it fascinating and enlightening to see what other folks combine and such.

I am thinking that I would add in some spelling - as she taught herself to read and basically skipped formal phonics. Her spelling is good considering that, but could use some work. Aesop's is really great for her - the reading level is right at where she is now, she knows many of the vocab words but can't easily define all of them - so that is a bit of a challenge but doable (not frustrating to a perfectionist child) - and the other exercises are formalizing much of what she's inferred on her own - building a good foundation. My real question is whether I should leave well enough alone, she's only first grade, do what she enjoys and don't worry about it - or add, thus increasing the challenge level some (in that we would cover more material). Sometimes it's hard to know exactly how to challenge these kids!

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You have an advantage over me - I have not had MCT Island (or Aesop from RFWP) in my hands, so I have only the online samples to go by. It may well be more advanced than I think - but we will always have next year if it is too much for us. :)


As far as if what you are thinking is enough - sure. You're right, it is only 1st grade.


My kids have learned some basic grammar so far, and I have been surprised at how often it has come up in different areas of learning. So, I plan to continue building on the grammar side of things as well. YMMV.

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